Leo Waltser, Architect.

lwLeo Walser was born in 1943 in Switzerland. He studied architecture in the University of Zurich, and in this same city he spent some years acquiring proffessional evidence after graduation.

After this time, he decidied to open his own architecture office in the city of Los Angeles, USA, where he worked for 7 years and had the opportunity to design for big celebrities such as Joe Cocker and Rod Stewart, among others, as well as to design for the renowned luxury furniture Brand KREISS.

Back in his country after a succesfull career in the USA, he associated with the famous architects company Roel van Merkesteyn and with the swiss architect Peter van der Meer. One of his main clients during this time was the luxury car manufacturer BMW, for whom he designed the showrooms in Germany, USA and Japan. A very special project that he designed in these years was a scientific zoo in the Amazons, in Manau, Brazil, for which he dedicated one full year of his career.

He currently divides his time between Spain and Dominican Republic.

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